3 zaden van PASSIONFRUIT (Sativa) Indoor F1 SB

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(regular seeds)


The most uniuqe of PASSIONFRUITs breeding are the extremely tasty parents CHUPA CHUPS and MANGO THAI, so sweet You'lle be impressed.

Related to the feedings and the light-period, You can bring PASSIONFRUIT to flower for a long time.

By 12h light and 12h darkness PASSIONFRUIT needs up to 10 days to flower.

If You give it enought P/K around 500g per plant is easily to see.

Indoors You can let it flower for a very long time, extremely huge buds are resulting.

Check the moisture by longtime flowering with approx. 14h of light/10h dark.

We use regular strains, to handle changings in lightning safely without hermaphrodism.

If You give PASSIONFRUIT less neutrum as feeding for growing bur enought P/K, You can harvest much more than 500gr tropic weed per plant!!!


Hard to grow - a professionals strain

Hardcore Sativa type - strong - extreme smell



Gunjah variety with lightly buds, very sticky reson and very good crop yields


Growing: 3 - 4 weeks

Bloom: 8 - 9 weeks flowering

Result: up to 1200g/m²


smooth but strong, happy smiling, stoned mind, good for allday times


We breed PASSIONFRUIT from the most fruity and juiceful strains to find on earth, from CHUPA CHUPS and MANGO THAI, so its one of the very delicious weed strains ever!!! Its a supersativa more You'll expect, like MANGO THAI - longtime flowering!!

PASSIONFRUIT has got 18-22% THC but with secundar cannabinoids its smoth and very strong in action. The intense taste and smell will impress any person around!!!

Its not a problem to make clones with PASSIONFRUIT.

PASSIONFRUIT is a supersativa!!!

Its not feminised (regular seeds) to guarantee natural genes without chromosomal diseases, no hermaphrodism, no polypluedims (no mutants), light resistant & stabil.

You can chose the best female to use it for motherplant a long time.

We say its the best way to get 12 seeds per variety and chose the best one in Your grow-system to re-use it via clones later!-)