3 zaden van B'meUP (RUNTZ x GORILLA GLUE) gefeminiseerd F1

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Highbreed B'meUP


Source USA

We breed B'meUP (F1) from RUNTZ and GORILLA GLUE.

Its one of the most strongest soorts in our stock.

Not to believe how much sweetsweed buds B'meUP produces!!!

The smell is strong and also fruity.

Strong in lung - and hard in action.

Good for sleeping and relaxing, Youll be very high!!

The most uniuqe of B'meUP breeding in our stock is the feminisation.

B'meUP starts to flower in 6 days after changing times to 12/12!

Related to the feedings and the light-period, You can harvest huge yield with extreme top quality.

If You give B'meUP enought feeding and CO2, You can harvest 850grams/m² best quality indoors.


Hybrid - strong - very intense smell


Bush with many branches


Growing: 6-8 weeks

Bloom: 8-9 weeks flowering

Result: up to 600g/m² (850gr/m² with CO²)

Mind: mild and active, euphoric, good for day/morning, up to 30% THC

Its not a problem to grow via clones with B'meUP even is it is feminised.

You can use for choose Your motherplant for a long time.